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In just 3 days the Tesla Model 3 had reached 276 thousand pre-order sales. When you consider that they are requiring a $1,000 retainer fee they are going to get a $270,000,000 boost to their company for no production of anything. The motivation behind this many people are assuming that this will be the car to save us from global warming and be the image of the future, but very few people have ever seen one of the things they spend $1,000 for something they have never seen. The messiah complex that is placed upon Elon Musk and Tesla motors is something that the world has never really seen and many are taking a step back and asking if the accolades and promise of this car is warranted. lnnn

Lets begin by looking at the tangibles of this car. we know that the Model 3 will cost a cool $35,000 and that is before any tax incentive which depending on the state you live can reach upwards of $8,000. This will not yet be sold until late 2017, and as we also know given the huge back order some car owners will not be able to receive theirs until late 2018 depending on your proximity to their plants and the gigafactory. Next we can consider the rear driver estimate of the range of this car which is being put conservatively at 215 miles per charge, and boasts a 0-60 time of less than 6 seconds. If you elect to go for the bigger battery and all wheel drive you are likely to get a range of about 300 miles which is right on par with any new car today, with a fuel cost of $0.00. The interior will also have a 15inch display for the vehicles data and controls, which is similar to the Model;

When we consider the appearence of this puppy it resencbles the stance of the model 3 from Mazda but lacks a lot of the race car feel of this puppy. ¬†From the side and back the sedan Model 3 resembles the Model 3 in a lot of ways. it is a tall roof and a boobed nose and tail. Head on it is a blunt upturned snout that evokes what some may think of when they remember the Tesla gen 1 roadster. The idea here is deliberate and is trying to make the consumer feel that they are part of the continuation of the Tesla movement and that this is the evolution of sorts of where they have been aiming this whole time. “for all of you who bought a model S or an X, thank you for helping for for the Model 3, Tesla cheif Elon Musk told a crowd, when reffering to the Model 3. This may not sit well with the right people but oh well, they already payed for it, he goes on to say that “with any new technology, it makes multiple iterations and economies of scale before you can make it affordable,” and that this car was “only possible to do, after going through these prior stages.” The Tesla formula works and excited to pull out in the Model 3.