Last week a man lost his life in a failure of his self driving Tesla whose systems did not function properly and resulted in the crashing of the vehicle. This was a very unfortunate circumstance and Tesla should look into whatever they can to right this wrong and make sure that a failure of this kind does not happen again. That said, during the same time frame of a week hundreds of people lost their lives in auto accidents at the hands of drunk drivers, tired drivers, and many of them died simply because they were purely accidents. The leading cause of car accident related cause 94% of U.S. vehicle crashes. But adaptive driver assistance tech which is including self-driving vehicle technology. This should save thousands of lives each year according to car owner Zach Gottesman.

The most recent incidents which involved Tesla’s “auto pilot” feature raises questions about whether these technologies should be fueled before full government regulation is in place. In order to do this the technology much be rested and retested and evaluated and reevaluated based on real world conditions and situations outside the scope of their understanding today. 

When the airbag was introduced over a decade before they were regulated no one really cared or though it was not the right call. Today we need a sense of safety and innovation similar to this period. Even though the early designs weren’t really ready to buck in the same way they do now, they did improve over time through the industries collective annalists and cooperation and commitment to safety. To put these in the same light of how they can be executed or how this end can be achieved is irresponsible and just stupid frankly but there is a nugget of truth in there which shows that the best things can happen in the auto industry when we work together and ensure that we are doing things not for the cash money but for the safety. At the end of the day, people can’t become life long customers if they do not have a life anymore do to the failure of your product. So it is both the ethical and the fiscally responsible thing to when it comes to ensuring that we get self driving into the next phase of acceptance and ensure that the infrastructure can do it. The infrastructure is going to be the biggest thing that allows this new leap to happen where there is a majority of cars that are autonomous. The reason being, is consider trying to make a call at a family cabin or somewhere in the woods, you can’t do it right. Now consider how imperative the need for connectivity is when it comes to your vehicle and its ability to community with the other cars on the road. 

There is going to be a lot that happens before we are there primarily rethinking the way we deliver cell service, but we are making strides in the right direction, no doubt about it.

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