Ford announced today that it has begun testing its autonomous vehicles in snow and icy conditions, an industry first.

McityTo conduct these tests, Ford will be using Mcity, a 32-acre simulated urban environment that was developed in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Mobility Transformation Center.

“Roughly 70 percent of U.S. residents live in regions that get some now or other inclement weather,” stated a Ford spokesperson.

Jim McBride is Ford’s technical leader for autonomous vehicles.

“We expect the car to be able to drive in most if not all of the weather that a human can drive in,” he explained. “We need to monitor the sensors so that these can determine when conditions are deteriorating and it simply isn’t safe for anyone- including a self-driving car- to drive.”

“There are thousands of things an autonomous car must do, and that includes planning ahead to safely stop the car and when to know when it isn’t safe to drive.”

McBride brings up a tough judgment call an autonomous car can make that isn’t often brought up when the advantages of autonomous driving are made: sometimes human drivers simply will not accept that they shouldn’t be driving at all. If a car can make that tough call, that could avoid a lot of tragedies in the future.

Ford began testing its automobile in the snow as soon as Michigan’s winter turned wicked. It then debuted its findings in an auto show in Detroit.

“Other auto and tech companies primarily have been testing in the ideal weather conditions of central California,” Ford explained.

Pater Harrop, chairman of IDTechEx, viewed the video Ford posted of its autonomous vehicle navigating in the snow:

snowy road“Automakers need to understand that a car will face problems like drifting leaves or snow blowing across the road. These are things that the car must be trained to understand, and this makes it important to test in real world conditions… If you know the problems, it is easier to understand a solution, and this can’t be accomplished just from wind tunnels or artificially iced-over testing facilities.”

Marianna Saenko, analyst for autonomous systems 2.0 research at Lux research, agrees with Harrop:

“The real world is going to throw a curve ball at you that you didn’t expect, especially in weather, and that makes Mcity very unique for autonomous vehicle development.”

This train of logic has been a part of why Mcity has proven such a useful tool.

“The very reason Mcity was opened and a five-mile test track was set up for autonomous driving testing was to test the vehicles in dynamic weather to study/analyze sensor performance in a variety of conditions, especially vision and Lidar,” explained Praveen Chanrasekar, automotive and transportation research manager at Frost & Sullivan.

“Just testing in California might give the vehicles enough data to react to heavy traffic congestion scenarios, but dynamic weather testing is required to calibrate sensors and get the best performance in order to understand how many Lidar versus camera radar is required for urban and highway automation.”

Probably be not, but this article will address the idea.

The issue of cars being powered by wind power is more a question of sociological and cultural shifts in habits and thinking than one of supply and demand; meaning it’s even less likely to occur in the near future or potentially ever.

Massachusetts Institute of Technlogy professor Stephen Connors has actually looked into the quesiton; his specialty is alternative energy and electricity generation, so he has considered wind power as a method of fueling the electricity for an electric vehicle.

wind turbine“The big issue with electric vehicles is people want to charge overnight,” Connors explained. Because most electricity is produced with the use of steam turbines fired through gas, coal or petroleum, there’s a clear way to store up energy at night; you just keep the system moving. This way surplus energy can build up at 3:00 am when most people’s appliances and devices aren’t running. This works well for any electronic vehicle owner, who can plug into the grid at night while he or she sleeps.

Wind power, unfortunately, does not allow for this surplus charge to form. The wind is not reliant on a predictable, clocklike pattern. It’s as variable as the weather, so no guarantees can be made that your EV would be powered in the morning after a still and peaceful night.

“There’s quite a mismatch in patterns with charging electric vehicles and when wing energy becomes available,” explained Connors. Wind power runs on a schedule that involves seasonal changes and day to day patterns. These trends dictate the more immediate wind energy production, so while wind power may be able to supplement an electric vehicle’s charging station’s source of electricity, it could never be a reliable source of energy alone.

“This seasonal component doesn’t meet the needs currently,” confirmed Connors.

stephen connorsThis will always be true, assuming certain aspects of human culture will always remain the same. Cars would need to be expected to be owned by private owners, and most adults would need to be continued to be expected to own cars everywhere other than the most walkable American cities New York City, San Francisco, etc.). It would also need to be a relatively unnecessary conversion from gas-electric power to wind-electric power. If solar power were to fail and gas became too expensive to be a feasible way of fueling a car, wind power technology might expand considerably faster than expected.

For the time being, Connors and his colleagues don’t think wind powered cars would ever become a thing until at least 2050.

Even more disheartening to the wind powered car efforts is the fact that the country’s electricity producers would have to create about 16 trillion kilowatt hours of energy per day to achieve roughly the same energy level as is produced by the gasoline consumed in the same period.

Gas powered vehicles are king for a reason, but plenty of people think that as technology develops, the reign of oil may be drawing to a close. For the sake of our environment, we’ll have to hope they’re correct.

Whether it’s a car, a truck, a bus or an airplane, most vehicles humans have invented turn fuel into power by mixing it with air and burning it in metal cylinders inside their engines. Yes, there is considerable variation in terms of how much fuel and air an engine of any of these vehicles needs at any given moment, but the basic foundations of how the movement is achieved remains extremely similar.

Still, this variation needs to be accounted for. How much fuel you need relies on how fast you’re going at a given moment (think of mileage: there’s always a different miles-per-gallon rating for cars in the city [where they typically don’t go too much faster than 40 MPG] and on the highway [where they typically go over 60 MPG]). So how do we account for this?

More modern methodology includes a new electronically controlled system called fuel injection, which regulates the fuel-air mixture so it’s always right for how fast you want to go. However, this device is a newer development.

The OG technology for this purpose is called a carburetor. Let’s see how it works.

carburetor2First off, keep in mind that engines turn liquid fuel into movement by combusting it in cylinders and using the heat energy to power the car’s gearbox and thus its wheels. However, the fuel isn’t the only important component. With a car engine, you need the proper balance of air and fuel if you don’t want to do harm to the engine. That’s what the carburetor ensures.

A carburetor is a tube that allows air and fuel into the engine by utilizing valves. The valves help the carburetor to mix the air and fuel in a variety of proportions best suited to the speed at which the drier is attempting to drive.

Here’s what the simplest possible one would look like: it’d be a large vertical pipe above the engine cylinders with a horizontal fuel pipe joined onto one side. As the air flows down the pipe, it has to pass through a narrow kink in the middle, which makes it speed up and causes its pressure to fall. This kinked section is called a venturi. The falling pressure of the air creates a sucking effect that draws air in through the fuel pipe at its side.

basic carburetorThe airflow then pulls in fuel to join it; now you have a air-fuel mixture, but how do you manipulate how much fuel is actively entering the cylinder? The carburetor has two swiveling valves above and below the venturi as well as a valve called the choke at the top of the cylinder that regulates how much air can flow in.

If the choke is closed, less air flows down through the pipe and the venturi sucks in more fuel, allowing for a fuel-rich texture. That’s necessary for when the engine has just been turned on.

Beneath the venturi is a second valve called the throttle. The more the throttle is open, the more air flows through the carburetor and the more fuel it drags in from the pipe to the side. With more fuel and air flowing in, the engine releases more energy and makes more power and the car goes faster. This helps you to accelerate. Alright, that’s all you get!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently revealed information about the future of the Model S’s Autopilot feature during a quarterly financial call. Musk announced that more constraints will be programmed into the app in an attempt to keep people from “doing crazy things.”reese and friends

“Crazy things” have been being reported since Autopilot was first released. For example, an Electric Vehicle record-setting trio used the feature to drive from Redondo Beach, California to Manhattan in 57 hours and 48 minutes. Apparently drivers Carl Reese, Deena Mastracci and Alex Roy drove around 90 mph and had the autopilot mode engaged 96% of the time. Allegedly they spent most of that time with their hands off the wheel.

Reese, Mastracci and Roy aren’t the only Tesla owners experimenting with Autopilot. Musk claimed that around 40,000 Model S owners already had purchased some form of the Autopilot app, meaning that up to 1 million miles are being driven a day with the help of the Autopilot feature. “Early data is very positive,” he reported, “we’re very aware of many accidents that were prevented by Autopilot, and not aware of any that were caused by Autopilot.”

Tesla investors must be happy to hear that Autopilot hasn’t caused any accidents given the recent trend for autopilot and self-driving car developers to accept liability for any crashes caused by cars operating under their software.uber video

One avoided accident was famously caught on video by an Uber driver in Seattle that somehow owns a Tesla. The video is shot from driver’s point of view and films a car as it unexpectedly pulls into the driver’s lane. The Tesla screeches to a stop, avoiding a head-on collision. According to the driver, he had been scanning the traffic moving in his direction and his foot never even touched the breaks. The video was released only two weeks after Tesla’s autopilot feature hit the public and can be found on and Youtube.

Perhaps because no accidents have actually been caused yet, Tesla spokeswoman Khobi Brooklyn isn’t too worried about the misuse of autopilot:

“It’s so cool to see Model S owners get out there and use this groundbreaking technology. The more people who use it, the better it will get.”

Still, she extends a warning to Autopilot’s abusers: “Having said that, today’s Autopilot features are designed to provide hands-on experience to give drivers more confidence behind the wheel, increase their safety on the road, and make highway driving more enjoyable. Drivers can’t abdicate responsibility, we expect the driver to be present and prepared to take over at any time.”

Even Elon Musk ultimately ended up tweeting support of the cross-country trio: “Congrats on driving a Tesla from LA to NY in just over two days!”

I suppose the company and its customers are enjoying their legal immunity while they can; laws regarding autonomous driving don’t even exist yet, which was why Tesla was able to release self-driving cars in the first place.

The whole issue is an example of one of the largest and most entertaining problems of the tech boom in America: huge amounts of unprecedented and revolutionary technological advances are being made during a time of the worst governmental partisan gridlock the United States has ever seen.  New technology is creating legal grey areas faster than our government can make decisions… very strange times!

Automobile Industry – History:

The automobile industry is a key player in many ways. It is a major industry catering to different corners of the world. The production of automobiles was first commenced in the end of 18th century in the United States of America, by manufacturing or rather converting the carriages run by horses into horse-free carriages. In olden days, people used the carriages run by horses as a means of transport and travel. Later on, people started to move towards the carriages that are run by engines there by making them horse-free. During those days, the United States of America was the major producer of such automobiles, covering almost 90% of the total world automobile production. After the end of the World War 2, their production levels dropped to almost 75% and also that was the time when the other countries in the form of key players emerged as automobile producing countries.

Major Countries as Automobile producers:

As mentioned earlier, some of the countries who emerged as great automobile producers were the UK, Germany, Japan, China, Thailand, Brazil, India, France, South Korea, Belgium and Italy. Lot of automotive companies had started to mushroom in these countries and they started to manufacture, produce, sell as well as export their production to foreign nations there by making a lot of revenue in return. Even today, these countries contribute in a big way as far as the automobile production is concerned. The automobile industry helped these nations to drive their economy as well as putting them on the world map as major producers of vehicles, spare parts as well as accessories.

Production and service:

Today’s automobile industry is not only to carry out the production and sales but also to provide the best quality maintenance help and services to their customers. This unique industry has indeed come a long way and has transformed enormously to what it is now. Major events like the International Auto Shows are conducted once a year in these big producing countries to bring together everyone under a single umbrella. These auto expos help in showcasing any new production line or make or model with unique features or also to demonstrate any upgradations applied to the already existing models and so on. It is indeed a major and a very useful event that connects people from all over the world who are automobile enthusiasts.

Things to sum up:

Finally to summarize on the automotive industry, it plays a very significant role in shaping a country’s economy and drives the revenue too. The automobile is a major industry that it really connects the other industries thereby promoting trade as well as commerce. Some of the major automobile producing companies are the Honda Motor Corporation, Toyota Corporation, Nissan Motors, Mazda, Suzuki, Isuzu, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, the General Motors Company, Ford Motor Corporation, Peugeot, Citroën SA and so on. All these car companies are major players at the global level who play a key role in the evolution of the automobile industry.

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An Electric Car Motors uses electrical energy which is storing in batteries or using other energy storage device. Electric cars are not running with gasoline engine, it is running with electric motor. Now, peoples are showing more interest to buy electric motor cars due to many reasons. The main reason is; when compared with gasoline-powered cars, an electric car creates less pollution and so it is considered as an environmental friendly car. Many gasoline powered cars are now getting replaced by electric cars. From outside, you won’t get any idea whether the car is powered by a gasoline engine or electric motor.

motor1The only clue you will get after driving the car, electric motor car produces less silent when compared with gasoline engine car. Controller provides power to the electric motor, where array of rechargeable batteries provides power to the controller. In general, many differences occur between an electric and gasoline cars. The structure of a gasoline engine seems to be a plumbing project, since it consists of exhaust pipes, fuel lines, and intake manifold whereas motor car looks like a wiring project.

Electric car motors and its types

Combination of the electric motor, the batteries and the motor’s controller is considered as an electric car’s heart. Car Motors gets power from the controller whereas the batteries give power to the controller. Both AC and DC motors are using in electric car. If the motor is AC motor then it would be having 3 phase AC motor with battery package of 300 volt and running at 240 volts. If it is AC motor then it would be running from 96-192 volts. Electric forklifts industries provide most of the DC motors which is using in electric cars.

A typical DC motor range will be 20,000 – 30,000 watt and controller range will be 40,000 – 60,000 watt. DC motors are having nice features, less expensive and simpler. The only DC motor limitation is building up of heat in the motor, overdriving results to motor gets heat up where it self-destructive. An AC installation uses any type of industrial 3 phase AC motor which can make motor finding with a specific shape, size or rating of power easier. AC controllers and motors are having regen feature. At the time of braking, the motor provides power back to batteries as turn in to a generator.

motor2While buying electric motors you need to consider two things one is Cost (AC motors cost high when compared with DC motors, but AC motors comes with different features) and other one is Availability (DC motors are easily available in local market when compared with AC motors). Different types of electric motors are available in market: DC Series wound electric Car Motors – it is considered as an electric car motors king and it is also the torque’s king. Permanent Magnet DC electric motors – it is the 2nd popular electric car motors; the only disadvantage in this is, it makes noisy. 3-Phase AC induction motors – it is the 3rd popular electric car motors, but cost of all types of electric motors are same

Car is one of the important mode of transportation and many people have dream to buy an own car. Increase in population creates demand in everything and it is hard for people to travel in bus and train because of huge crowd. If they have own car they can go anywhere with comfort and for travelling far distance car is the best choice for many people. Without any effort they can enjoy their travel whether it is too hot or too cold they can enjoy their trip. Most of the people like to have family trip to vacation or any other spot in their car. Maintaining the car in good condition is most important. Many people like to protect their car from dirt and hot sun so they like to buy accessories to their car.

auto1Auto accessories are most significant to protect the car and it will add beauty for the car. People can use accessories both the inside and outside of car. Most of the people give more importance for inside accessories and they like to buy seat cover to protect their seat from dust and stain. If they have seat cover they can change the cover when it becomes dirt or sun and the cover will protect the seat from hot sun. So the seat will be look always new otherwise the seat will get fade because of hot sun. The car seat covers are available in different materials. Some of the types of car seat covers available are infant car seat cover, sheepskin, leather and custom car seat cover. Depends on the need of the people they can purchase the type of seat cover. These cover can be purchased in local stores or at online shop.

The accessories will give comfort for the people who are travelling. Some of the interior car accessories are fuel consumption meter, dash covers, window tint, mirrors, stereo system, shifter knobs, DVD player, steering wheel cover, air fresheners and floor mat. Most of the people like to purchase the air fresheners and floor mat to avoid bad smell and maintain the car base without any dirty. Floor mat are available in different materials and in different size needs and budget of the people they can buy any one of the floor mat which is good for their car.

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