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Automobile Industry – History:

The automobile industry is a key player in many ways. It is a major industry catering to different corners of the world. The production of automobiles was first commenced in the end of 18th century in the United States of America, by manufacturing or rather converting the carriages run by horses into horse-free carriages. In olden days, people used the carriages run by horses as a means of transport and travel. Later on, people started to move towards the carriages that are run by engines there by making them horse-free. During those days, the United States of America was the major producer of such automobiles, covering almost 90% of the total world automobile production. After the end of the World War 2, their production levels dropped to almost 75% and also that was the time when the other countries in the form of key players emerged as automobile producing countries.

Major Countries as Automobile producers:

As mentioned earlier, some of the countries who emerged as great automobile producers were the UK, Germany, Japan, China, Thailand, Brazil, India, France, South Korea, Belgium and Italy. Lot of automotive companies had started to mushroom in these countries and they started to manufacture, produce, sell as well as export their production to foreign nations there by making a lot of revenue in return. Even today, these countries contribute in a big way as far as the automobile production is concerned. The automobile industry helped these nations to drive their economy as well as putting them on the world map as major producers of vehicles, spare parts as well as accessories.

Production and service:

Today’s automobile industry is not only to carry out the production and sales but also to provide the best quality maintenance help and services to their customers. This unique industry has indeed come a long way and has transformed enormously to what it is now. Major events like the International Auto Shows are conducted once a year in these big producing countries to bring together everyone under a single umbrella. These auto expos help in showcasing any new production line or make or model with unique features or also to demonstrate any upgradations applied to the already existing models and so on. It is indeed a major and a very useful event that connects people from all over the world who are automobile enthusiasts.

Things to sum up:

Finally to summarize on the automotive industry, it plays a very significant role in shaping a country’s economy and drives the revenue too. The automobile is a major industry that it really connects the other industries thereby promoting trade as well as commerce. Some of the major automobile producing companies are the Honda Motor Corporation, Toyota Corporation, Nissan Motors, Mazda, Suzuki, Isuzu, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, the General Motors Company, Ford Motor Corporation, Peugeot, Citroën SA and so on. All these car companies are major players at the global level who play a key role in the evolution of the automobile industry.